Park Operations Manual (Park Directives)
Note: These files are in PDF format. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. Download it HERE.

Proposed Policy Directives
PD 2000 - 2015 Fees and Rates
PD 3075 - Hang Gliding and Paragliding Rules and Regulations
PD 3085 - Reppelling and Rock Climbing Rules and Regulations

PD1030 Concession Leases, Contracts and Agreements
PD1040 Church Services in State Parks
PD1050 2014 Hours of Operation
PD1160 The Display of Tourism Industry Brochures
PD1191 Smoking Policy
PD1194 Volunteer Employment Policy
PD2000 2014 Fees and Rates
PD2002 Camping Discounts

PD2008 Donations and Gifts
PD2010 Lodging Facilities
PD2045 Outside Catering
PD2055 Parental Consent, Rentals

PD2200 Geological Research Projects Crater of Diamonds
PD2205 Rules and Regulations Regarding the Search Area Crater of Diamonds
PD2210 Horsecamp Use
PD2220 The Kimberley Process for Rough Diamonds Removed from Crater of Diamonds State Park
PD2510 Promotional Signing, Memorials, and Plaques
PD3000 Policy on Rules and Regulations
PD3000.1 Law Enforcement Policy
PD3005 Firearms Policy
PD3010 Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs
PD3015 Camping Rules and Regulations
PD3020 Closing Hours
PD3030 Disorderly Conduct
PD3040 Excavations or Unauthorized Searches
PD3050 Fishing
PD3060 Fires
PD 3070 Firearms, Hunting, Explosives, and Fireworks

PD3075 Hang-Gliding and Rappelling Rules and Regulations
PD3080 Horseback Riding
PD3090 Motorized Recreation Vehicles
PD3095 Use of Motorized Scooters within Arkansas State Parks
PD3100 Parking
PD3110 Picnicking
PD3120 Peddling and Advertising
PD3130 Pets and Animals
PD3140 Quiet Hours
PD3150 State Property
PD3155 Pet Policy for State Park Cabins
PD3160 Swimming Areas and Pools
PD3170 Unlawful Occupancy
PD3180 Utilities or Structures, Unauthorized
PD3190 Vehicular Traffic Regulations
PD3200 Wildlife Protection
PD3210 Boating Restrictions
PD3215 Use of Glass Containers
PD3220 Geocaching
PD3220 Geocaching Permit
PD3225 Recreational Metal Detecting
PD3230 Historic Weapons Rules and Regulations for State Parks Personnel and Volunteers Conducting Re-enactments or Living History in Arkansas State Parks
PD3240 Historic Weapons Safety Rules for Living History Participants
PD3250 Department of Justice (DOJ) ADA Regulation on Mobility Devices
PD4040 Barrier Free Parking
PD5000 Interpretive Mission and Scope of Park Responsibility
PD5010 Interpretive Program Availability
PD5030 Special Events
PD6110 Museum Collection
PD6150 Museum Incoming Loan Policy
PD6160 Museum Outgoing Loan Policy
PD6290 Keepsafe Program